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Everything You Need to Know About Promo Codes

Not all discounts were created equal

Mon, November 15, 2021

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It might sound counterintuitive, but giving your fans discounts on their favorite merch will help you profit in the long run. We know you work hard to build your store and your brand, but we also know how much people love to get something for less than its original price — which is why Fourthwall currently offers three flavors of promo codes: 

  • Percentage Off
  • Amount Off
  • Free Shipping

But when it comes to promo codes, not every type of discount works the same way — and each promo code can trip up you, your sales and your fans if not used correctly.

When Should I Use Each Promo Code? 

Free Shipping

How to use: Everybody loves free shipping (no, really), and free shipping is a great promo code to offer if your fans are U.S. based where shipping is cheap.

How NOT to use: Not so great if your audience is international, because shipping overseas is expensive. And while shipping is free for your customers when this promo code is applied, it’s not actually free shipping — that is, someone has to pay for it on the backend, and that ends up being the creator. Which is a lot to be on the hook for if your fans are all in Australia, for example.

Percentage Off

How to use: When activated over a certain amount (like, say 15 percent off $100 or more), the Percentage Off promo code is a great tool to boost cart sizes, because customers will add additional products to their carts to reach the minimum needed to get the discount. 

How NOT to use: If you offer a blanket percentage discount no matter the dollar amount of the cart, you can quickly eat into your profit margins, and that can erase any gains you’ve made by offering the promo in the first place. Don’t do that!

Amount Off

How to use: The amount off promo code can be offered in limited quantities, which can be really useful when you’re promoting on social and you want to drive up urgency. For example, maybe it’s only available for the first 1,000 orders, causing your fans to want to rush to your website to buy your stuff in hopes that they’ll be among the first to receive your new merch (and, naturally, a price reduction), driving higher order sizes and more of them.

How NOT to use: You don’t want to use this code to boost sales AFTER a drop has been started (or Percentage Off either, for that matter). This might result in some angry fans who were too early to receive the discount when they bought your new merch on Day 1. Remember: Loyalty is everything, so don’t mistakenly punish your fans for it!